COVID-19 Financial Help for Your Business
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Make the Right Move

Whatever your business needs, UFCU has you covered. We can help you secure financing for a variety of commercial real estate types, such as:

  • Office buildings (including medical offices)
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Multi-family properties (greater than 5 units)
  • Industrial buildings
  • Student housing
  • Owner-occupied real estate (where owner occupies greater than 50%)
  • Construction loans for the properties listed above

Finance with Confidence

Our loan terms are designed to work for your investment strategy. We offer commercial real estate loans from $1-10 million, including:

  • Financing for up to 75% of property value
  • Up to 10-year terms, with amortizations up to 25 years (30 for multi-family)
  • Customized loan structures to suit your investment parameters
  • Fixed interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties

We can also help with owner-occupied loans starting at $500,000, with:

  • Financing for up to 80% of property value
  • Up to 10-year terms, with a 20-year amortization
  • Up to 15-year terms, with a 15-year amortization
  • Fixed interest rates
  • No prepayment penalties
  • SBA 504 construction loans (up to 90% of approved construction costs)

Keep Lending Local

UFCU’s experienced commercial lending team offers in-house underwriting and servicing—plus the convenience of local decision-making.

Call us at (512) 421-7310 to learn more.