COVID-19 Financial Help for Your Business
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We’re proud to offer two types of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans as an SBA Preferred Lender.* That means we can approve and fund SBA loans more quickly than lenders without this designation. Let us help secure financing for your business needs:

SBA 7A Loans

The 7A loan program can help you finance most general business needs:

  • Equipment
  • Working capital (accounts receivable and inventory)
  • Owner-occupied real estate (where the owner occupies greater than 50%)
  • Construction loans for owner-occupied real estate
  • Debt refinancing
  • Business acquisitions
  • Leasehold improvements

Take advantage of 7A loans for $150,000–$5,000,000:

  • Up to 7 years for working capital
  • Up to 10 years for equipment or business acquisition
  • Up to 15 years for real estate

Contact us at (512) 421-7310 to apply or for more information.

SBA 504 Loans

The 504 loan program can help when you need financing specific to real estate acquisition and/or construction, along with long-term equipment financing.

  • Equipment
  • Real estate
  • Construction or renovation of real estate property

Take advantage of SBA 504 loans for $250,000–$5,000,000:

  • 7–10 years for equipment
  • 10–20 years for real estate

Contact us at (512) 421-7310 to apply or for more information.

*The Preferred Lenders Program (PLP) is part of the SBA's effort to streamline the procedures necessary to provide financial assistance to the small business community. Lenders are considered for PLP status based on their record with SBA, and must have demonstrated a proficiency in processing and servicing SBA-guaranteed loans. In the event of payment default by the borrower and the need for enforced collections, the PLP lender agrees to liquidate all business assets before asking SBA to honor its guaranty. For more details, see

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